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Promotional Food?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Around lunchtime today I stumbled across this article (good timing, I know!), and it got me thinking.

The power of food, or rather taste is powerful. Our brains create strong links between what we taste and memories of what we were experiencing at the time. Have you ever eaten something totally new and was sick? If you’re anything like me you’d never touch that food again, regardless of whether it was actually responsible!

So what if you were to take advantage of human nature and use great tasting food as part of your advertising campaign? Perhaps, along the lines of the article, give away lunch to hungry office workers carrying with it your brand!

Recently (delivered today in fact!) we produced bespoke chocolate-coated toffee coal! We took crunchy cinder toffee, drenched it in milk chocolate, and sprinkled it with coal dust (actually it is sugar) to create the coal.

These great tasting little treats will be given away by the Hadlow Group to promote their new sustainable business park built on the land of an old coal mine. What could be a better gift from the mine? It tastes much better than the real stuff

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