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Tailored marketing goods are key to marketing your brand

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Before you start reading this blog just have a quick look at your desk.

The chances are that you will find at least one branded pen, a mug with a brand on it and more than likely a branded mouse mat. More than likely the branding on them will be for another company. Take a couple of seconds to think about how many times a day you see these products.

As a busy marketer or business you have no doubt created a marketing plan covering the action you will take to support your marketing strategy in order to raise your company profile in the eyes of your current and future customers. Pointing you back in the direction of these promotional products on your desk this is how most companies do it. Why don’t you go one step better? By selecting a product that is innovative, practical and aligned to your brand and useful to your target audience. Most companies at this stage will get frightened by the vast amount of promotional products available on the market today this is where Corporate Creations can assist you in selecting the right product for your brand – it is our key strength and directly in line with our approach on marketing goods.

The world of promotional merchandise or tailored marketing goods as we prefer to call it is so vast and sometimes there is often too much choice. It’s incredibly hard to figure out where to focus your budget, and there’s always the same nagging question in your mind… Do I really need to spend this money when there are so many other pressing things?

The answer has to be a resounding YES! You simply need to be wise and get the right marketing goods to match your target market at a cost you can afford. A product that they will cherish, use and show off to their colleagues and acquaintances. There is little gain to be had if you do the same as your competitors, you must differentiate yourself from the pack and be the brand they will remember. Corporate Creations are ideally placed to come up with the right tailored marketing goods for your brand.

Marketing goods should be considered as a key component of any promotional campaign. As a matter of fact, clever usage of merchandise can be more effective than some more traditional methods of marketing. Carefully thought out merchandise, integrated with other marketing methods, will produce spectacular results.

Why should I spend my hard earned cash on marketing goods rather than on other advertising methods?

A major recent finding from the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) is that marketing goods often deliver a higher Return On Investment than other advertising methods such as radio and outdoor advertising and the ROI is equal to TV and print advertising and at a fraction of the cost. Ignore these facts at your peril!

The survey found that 79% of respondents said they were likely to do business in the future with the company who has given them marketing goods, with 8 out of 10 (84 per cent) respondents stating that a branded promotional gift increased brand awareness.

Which product shall I choose?

This is where you need to be creative or simply let Corporate Creations take the burden away from your already heavily loaded shoulders. The goods with the biggest impact are those that are aligned with the brand and your target audience. Why settle for a boring pen when there could be a far more effective method often at a similar price that will deliver your message far more effectively.

As one example; a carefully designed USB stick if aligned to your brand and appropriate for your target audience can achieve fantastic results, as they will be used all the time. They are sure to provide a big talking point due to their uniqueness. Ask one of our Creative Executives for a free no obligation design and quote.

Bespoke USB sticks as tailored marketing goods

People love to receive useful gifts, especially if they aren’t expecting it.

You’ll need to come up with a product that member of your target audience would genuinely love to receive. Obviously consider the link with your brand and/or the campaign you are conducting. Find something that is in line with your brand, your campaign and that your target audience will love to receive and bingo you’re onto a real winner.

Should you need assistance and guidance on selecting the right innovative marketing goods for your business, give Corporate Creations a call on 01304 806050 or complete our Bespoke Online Form (Click Here) and let us help you.

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