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The Latest trends for Promotional Products

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Promotional products are still one of the most cost-effective advertising methods, by adding it to your marketing mix, will have a positive impact on the ROI you are looking for. We have listed below the emerging trends for promotional products in an attempt to inspire you for your next campaign.

1. Technology Gifts

With over 70% of UK adults owning a smartphone, no wonder why technological promotional gifts are so popular. Power banks will remain a clear favourite. We are also seeing more and more cable adaptors and chargers being used as promotional products. Another trend is for Bluetooth technology, particularly in headphones and earbuds. Smartphone screen cleaners are also a clear and inexpensive solution becoming extremely popular.

There is also a new trend of virtual reality headsets becoming popular in the promotional industry. This area of technology is constantly developing and is sure to have a knock-on effect on what is available in terms of branded products.

2. Health & Well-being

There is a clear trend to look to improve our health and well-being and as a result we have seen a massive increase of enquiries for items such as branded sports bottles, pedometers and wearable technology such as smart watches.

3. ‘On the Move’ Products

With our lives becoming increasingly busy, ‘on-the move’ branded products are becoming very popular. The travel mug is a typical example of such promotional product, they are a great eco-friendly option, reducing the use of non-recyclable disposable cups. The insulated stainless-steel double-wall vacuum tumbler is also very popular.

4. Security

With more of us paying for our shopping with a contactless card and/or online, there is inevitably going to be a rise in data crime. We are seeing a trend for promotional products that will help with payment security. In particular, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) anti-skimming accessories which protect personal information on bank and ID cards are receiving a lot of interest.

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