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Why is Buying Promotional Merchandise So Difficult?!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

There is a common stance with promotional merchandise, that you must pick an item from a catalogue and print your logo on it. However, even when trying to get quotes for something which appears to be so simple, confusion strikes. What are origination and set-up costs, what is a tool charge? What am I even paying for??

We believe that pricing should be made as straight forward and clear as possible for the customer- the client is simply provided with a price and doesn't needs a maths degree to work it out.

However, should promotional merchandise be so elementary? The BPMA Industry Mystery Shopper Findings found that only 45% of companies asked the customer about the product's purpose. With only 39% offering an alternative product idea!

We as promotional merchandise companies have a far greater understanding about what is achievable than the client, therefore we are placed to advise the customer about their options. Rather than relying on the customer already knowing what they want, why not create something new? Promotional merchandise should be exciting, not frustrating!

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